Curiculum Vitae


Van den Bossche Paul


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date of birth: 06/03/1956
place of birth: Antwerp
Marital status : unmarried, 1 child (°1985)

Studies :

1)Primary school : St. Norbertus Antwerp (1962-68)
2)Junior High : Xaveriuscollege Borgerhout (1968-72)
3)3rd year Electricity : Don Bosco Hoboken (1973)
4)Senior High Electronics : Don Bosco Hoboken (1973-76)
5)Course for Xerox 6135/6180 + Digipath (2002)

- Dutch, French, English (speak & write)
- German, Spanish (Notions)

Jobs :

1)Interim (temporary employee) for Interlabor Antwerp (1976-79)
- Technical Drawing at nuclear plant Antwerp and at Public Transportation Company Antwerp
- Radiation control at nuclear plant Antwerp
- Maintenance electrician at SIBP (oil refinery) Antwerp
- Different short tasks (electricity, electronics, technical drawings)

2)Maintenance technician forklift trucks at General Motors Antwerp (1979-88)

3)Independent Computer Repair (Hardware). (1979 - 2002)
Specialised in ATARI-computers (mostly for Audio Recording Studios),licenced by ATARI CORPORATION.

4)Responsible, design and realization for electricity (+/- 2 Megawatts) on Belga Beach Festival De Panne Belgium (40,000 visitors) 1992 and 1993 for "Live Events", Brussels Freelance

5)Road-manager for promotion-team Cubana-beer (J.Martin) > organising publicity-shows in Mega discotheques (1994) : Freelance

6)Technician for the Art-project "Zij Sporen" from GYNAIKA, Antwerp : artworks in 11 train wagons : design and realization of all Audio/Video/Electronic installations. (1996) : Freelance

7)Technician for the Art-project "Piazza del'Arte" from GYNAIKA: 10 travelling busses, 7 art-busses and 3 multimedia-busses : design and realization of Computer/Audio/Video-systems(1999-2000) Freelance

8)Software design (in BASIC): measuring and interpretation of medical devices (Dr. Lipschutz, lung specialist ) 1995

9)Repair of PSION pocket-computers at Micro Connection ('98-'99) Freelance

10)Repair of forklift trucks at TUVO Antwerp (2000) Freelance

11)Technician at RUBEN-POWER >electronics for forklift trucks. (2000-2001) Freelance

12)Electrical installations on fairs for RACOR NV (2001) Freelance

13)Technician Electronics/Electricity at Zillion (mega discotheque) (2001)

14)Electrician for industrial installations (2002) at "I.M."

15)Maintenance and developing of electric/electronic industrial installations at "Westerlund" Antwerp for Claus Electric Engeneering. (2002 - 2004)

16) Electric and electronic maintenance of printing machines at MONTI (2004 - present)

General knowledge
- Computer : Windows, Office (Word,Excell,Outlook etc.), Graphics, Audio.
- Professional Sound Equipment (operating and installing)